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Red Rice Stir Fry with Poached Eggs

We get our vegetable box on a Friday and if we get cabbage and potatoes, I’ve taken to making bubble and squeak for brunch at the weekends. A spoon (or more) of baked beans on the side and a poached egg, what could be better? Now, this isn’t bubble and squeak in the strictest sense, […]


Vegetable Curry

I spent the weekend visiting the family in Manchester. While I was obviously required to make brownies, we did most of our eating in some delicious restaurants. I came home yesterday to a rather sad looking romanseco cauliflower and was itching to get back into the kitchen. My knee-jerk reaction is generally to douse it […]


Vegetable Laksa

In my university days of cooking for 5 people in a ‘kitchen’ that consisted of a Baby Belling, a sink and fridge to do all my prep on; this was always a special treat. We got it from our culinary bible of the time – Cranks, a revelation of vegetarian cooking and not a bean […]


Root Vegetable Rostis

Great for using up root vegetables and a healthy(ish) treat for brunch.


Carrot and Cumin Salad

I wasn’t convinced by this recipe at first, as you probably know, I like my carrots raw or at the very least roasted. Like I said, this salad where they are boiled and then dressed in a fragrant cumin seed dressing did not convince me straight away. Whilst I wasn’t blown away, its definitely tasty […]


Bacon and Cabbage soup

This is a hearty and healthy soup perfect for a chilly wintry day. Even better with lots of toasted potato bread slathered in buttered. I came up with this to use up yet more cabbage, along with various odds and ends in the vegetable basket. The base is a simple vegetable soup, and here lies […]


Carrot, Orange and Pistachio Cake

Carrot cake freshened with orange zest and a little texture from pistachio nibs comes together to make an altogether grown up carrot cake.


The Best Carrot Salad

This is possibly the simplest, easiest salad to make, but is such a delight, serve it with simple dressed leaves alongside anything.



In an effort to be healthy… this is a salad Rose whipped up for us. I’m a big fan of most vegetables raw, as long as they’re cut small enough. With healthy food and indeed anything you plan to eat, its really important to feed the eyes… I’m a sucker for anything that looks really […]

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