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Damp Chocolate Cake

Incredibly damp, intense and worryingly moreish: this is perfect on its own with tea or coffee or made more elaborate with the addition of some berries and ice cream or custard.


Mars Bar Rice Krispie Cakes

Rice krispie cakes were always my favourite thing about cake sales at school. Mars bar rice krispie cakes are really a whole other level of fudgy joy. My friend Jamie, the original baking goddess introduced me to these and now I would never make any different. Its as easy as making normal rice krispie cakes, […]

Gooey Chocolate Pudding

These are possibly the easiest dessert you could make, yet they still offer everything you could want in a sweet treat. Rich intense chocolate pudding with a gooey centre. The only difficult part is cooking the fondants, but even then its not that stressful as its fine to slightly undercook them, you just end up […]


The Best Chocolate Brownies

It was only a matter of time before these came up… These are based on Nigella’s recipe, (how can you go wrong with Nigella?) and give you everything you could want in a brownie, rich, intense, chocolatey, gooey perfection. All I’ve done is scale down Nigella’s recipe so that you get a more manageable mixture […]


Gooey Chocolate Cake

This is actually just a baked chocolate mousse, so you could chill the mixture in individual pots (coffee cups work well) and have it as a mousse. That said, its really worth baking it in the oven. I’m not a massive of eating chocolate on its own, but it really comes into its own in […]

Chocolate Muffins

Now I don’t normally go in for chocolate muffins, I prefer, nuttier, fruitier versions. But these chocolate muffins are no ordinary chocolate muffins, another fabulous recipe from the wonderful Dan Lepard. They’re just the right side of gooey to make them definietely a muffin, but still intense and chocolate. I made mine in cupcake cases, […]