Soup recipes

Bacon and Cabbage soup

This is a hearty and healthy soup perfect for a chilly wintry day. Even better with lots of toasted potato bread slathered in buttered. I came up with this to use up yet more cabbage, along with various odds and ends in the vegetable basket. The base is a simple vegetable soup, and here lies […]


Cauliflower and cannellini soup

Cauliflower is wonderfully creamy when blended into a soup and the cannellini beans make this extra filling.


Throw it in Spicy Soup

This is one for using up any vegetables languishing in the bottom of the fridge. Save them from the compost and make soup! Now that the weather is turning, its the perfect time for a warm bowl of comforting soup. Soup is possibly the easiest thing to make with the least output for maximum pleasure. […]


Split Pea Soup

I’m a big fan of pulses. They’re cheap as chips and count as one of your 5-a-day, hurray! Recently, as our unspectacular summer grinds to an end, I’ve been hankering after soup and when I think of soup, split pea soup is one of the first to spring to mind. The only version I’ve ever […]


Easy Butternut Squash soup

Another soup recipe, but this one is amazing! We literally roasted lots of veg in various spices and blended them up with some vegetable stock (made with a stock cube). Hey presto! Spicy butternut squash soup! Ingredients 2 onions, red are better but white is fine1 butternut squash, about 1kg in size3 cloves garlic, smashedolive […]

Beetroot Soup

Mmm yet another delicious use for beetroot and possibly one of my favourites. The lime juice and vodka are a must (a traditional addition to Russian Borscht), they cut through the sweet earthiness of the beetroot, spring onion adds some texture and yoghurt is just nice in most things. Plus, how amazing is the colour? […]

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Now cauliflower isn’t normally good for anything but cauliflower cheese. But this creamy cauliflower soup with a little sweetcorn and spring onion for texture is really delicious. Its another recipe from the wonderful Cranks Bible, you must try it, it really is good and cheap as chips to make. Cauliflower and Sweetcorn Chowder Ingredients 1 […]

Noodle Soup

This is one of those spicy, warming, comforting soups you can get in noodle bars that inevitably get slurped all over your front. It is actually an incredibly fast and easy recipe and you end up with a wonderfully tasty soup. I make this a variation on salad, you can pack it full of vegetables […]