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Throw it in Spicy Soup

This is one for using up any vegetables languishing in the bottom of the fridge. Save them from the compost and make soup! Now that the weather is turning, its the perfect time for a warm bowl of comforting soup. Soup is possibly the easiest thing to make with the least output for maximum pleasure. […]


Kale and Mushroom Stir fry

I was pretty excited when I saw the dark green leaves bursting out of the top of my vegetable box this week, but then quickly I was lost. I felt like kale would be delicious but what to do with it? I’ve already made this, delicious by the way, but I wanted something else… Internet […]


Mushroom and Walnut Pasta

This dish evolved from hunger more than anything, adding things to the pan until it looked good, I like to fry mushrooms in a very hot pan but with no oil as they just slurp it all up. Be patient. Mushrooms tend to leak all their juices readily, but given time soak them back up […]


Mushroom Risotto

I got one of the little boxes of Japanese mushrooms from the farmers’ market and seen as though I still had some dried ones from when I was testing mushroom recipes for a book (someone else’s!), I decided to make mushroom risotto. Also, as you use some wine in a risotto, its always the perfect […]


Mushroom Stroganoff

When I’m not craving cheese and carbs, I usually want some sort of stew with a rich sauce you can pour over mashed potato or couscous to soak up all the juices, winter comfort food. This mushroom stroganoff dish is one such dish, flavoured with sherry and paprika. This looks like a lot of mushroom […]