Snack Recipes

Green smoothie

My favourite recipe for a thick and creamy green smoothie – don’t worry, you can’t taste the spinach!


Pumpkin pancakes with chorizo and crème fraiche

Perfect, mouthful-sized, party food. Especially since you can cook them in advance and warm them up before serving.


Leek and goats’ cheese on toast

Every time I go to the market these days, I’m torn. On the one hand, you can still get late summer tomatoes, courgettes and peppers, but on the other hand, I just want to eat sausage and mash! I blame the cold weather. I gave in this week and bought a big bag of potatoes (for […]

leek and goats cheese on toast

Breakfast muffins

Carrot, apple and pecan muffins topped with a buttery, seedy, crumble topping. Sweet enough to eat at any time of day, but wholesome enough for breakfast.


Butternut squash falafel

This is my take on the famous Leon Sweet potato falafel. Baked, rather than fried and crammed with sweet potato to keep them moist, these are a healthy and still delicious version of falafel. I used butternut squash rather than sweet potatoes and plain flour instead of gram (chickpea) flour (mostly because I was too […]


Cucumber and sesame noodle salad

This noodle salad has a fiery sweet and spicy dressing, but the cucumber and coriander make it strangely refreshing. I conjured this up on a cold Saturday afternoon from vegetables on hand, to eat while reading the paper. So it goes without saying that you can substitute whatever you have – matchstick thin strips of […]


Lamb and beetroot meatballs

I’m a bit of a latecomer to Nigel Slater. While most people cite him as among their favourite cookery writers, I was always put off by stilted and uncomfortable TV performances. Nigel is really made for the written word. But now I am now the proud owner of my first Nigel Slater book, Tender. I’ve already […]


Jamaican Veggie Patties

I had a few odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge, a carrot here, the end of a cabbage there and a handful of new potatoes. I’ve been making a lot of soup recently so I decided to give this recipe from 101cookbooks a go. Sweet little vegetable patties with a little spice and […]


Friday Night Mezze

My friends came over on Friday night for the usual dinner, drinks, shisha and terrible dancing. What with the weather and our dancing plans, I decided to go for a mezze affair taking inspiration from a tapas special in a really old copy of Observer Food Monthly written by Moro. A few colourful dishes that […]


Triple Decker Club Sandwich

These are inspired the by The delightful Rose in Oxford, in fact just looking for a link to the website is making me drool. Many mornings, lunches and afternoons have been happily spent here drinking vanilla tea, eating scones and everything else. It’s all organic, made from scratch and outrageously good. The club sandwich is […]