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Sweetcorn fritters

For these pancakes, I blend the sweetcorn in a food processor for a smoother texture (not completely puréed though) and added lots of flavour: coriander, garlic, chilli.


Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweet and crispy sweetcorn in a batter full of coriander and chilli. Try them with avocado, rocket and tomatoes or with a fried egg and beans for brunch.


Easy Flatbread Pizza

These pizzas are a great last minute dinner. So easy to make and a great (healthier) alternative to takeout pizza. You need to start with flatbreads rather than tortillas (try a turkish corner shop for the best) as they are sturdier and will hold up to the toppings better. I often make an absurdly quick […]


A New Ready Meal…

I can’t remember the last time I bought a ready meal. Seriously. I’d rather eat a boiled egg and soldiers or beans on toast or a bowl of ice cream for my tea. Not only are they expensive, but they are generally pretty unappetising affairs. But now, Innocent have gone and brought out their veg […]


Triple Decker Club Sandwich

These are inspired the by The delightful Rose in Oxford, in fact just looking for a link to the website is making me drool. Many mornings, lunches and afternoons have been happily spent here drinking vanilla tea, eating scones and everything else. It’s all organic, made from scratch and outrageously good. The club sandwich is […]