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Sweetcorn fritters

For these pancakes, I blend the sweetcorn in a food processor for a smoother texture (not completely puréed though) and added lots of flavour: coriander, garlic, chilli.


Triple Decker Club Sandwich

These are inspired the by The delightful Rose in Oxford, in fact just looking for a link to the website is making me drool. Many mornings, lunches and afternoons have been happily spent here drinking vanilla tea, eating scones and everything else. It’s all organic, made from scratch and outrageously good. The club sandwich is […]


Bacon and Parsnip Pasta

I’ve been thinking of using parsnip with pasta for a while, but just hadn’t come up with the right way of doing it, then I came across this Jamie Oliver recipe and I earmarked it for the weekend. I personally think he’s got the proportions a bit wrong, too much bacon and not enough parsnip, […]


Bacon and Cabbage soup

This is a hearty and healthy soup perfect for a chilly wintry day. Even better with lots of toasted potato bread slathered in buttered. I came up with this to use up yet more cabbage, along with various odds and ends in the vegetable basket. The base is a simple vegetable soup, and here lies […]