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Weekly eats – chickpea curry and a healthy chilli

My favourite recipes this week, including my quick and easy chickpea curry, Jamie’s delicious chicken tacos and a lovely red lentil soup.

Weekly eats

A recap of the best recipes I tried this week. Roast chicken, Moroccan harira & chicken soup, Moroccan spaghetti and a super-quick Thai veggie stir-fry.


Chicken and brown rice salad

Working in food, you come to realise that nothing is new, all food websites and magazines follow the same calendar. And in September that means lunchboxes. You’d think the idea had been done to death, (has no one cottoned on to the fact that you could just make a bit extra at dinner and take […]


Chicken and 3-rice salad

This Ottolenghi recipe is downright delicious. The combination of 3 rices, plenty of herbs, spring onions and fried onion makes for a dish bursting with flavour and texture.

Ottolenghi Chicken and 3 rice salad

Roast Chicken and Bulghar Wheat Salad

A summery take on a simple roast chicken, eaten with this courgette and bulghar wheat salad, an extra smattering of pine nuts and some cooling, garlicky tzatiki.


Courgette and Pistachio Bulghar Wheat Salad

A zingy bulghar wheat salad packed full of fried courgette, parsley and coriander, pistachios and orange.


Roasted Tomato and Spinach bulghar salad

Bursting with colour, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and slow cooked red onions go beautifully with the nutty bulghar wheat spiked with loads of fresh herbs, a little garlic and a handful of spinach.



This is perfect for eating with a big group of friends. Surprisingly healthy, this is full of veggies and will make a couple of chicken breasts go a really long way.


Lovely Roast Chicken

The simplest things in life are often the best. A classic roast chicken, one of the easiest things to make, yet so tasty and comforting. Of course, I always buy the best quality I can and eek out the whole chicken to get as many meals as possible. See these tips from Jamie Oliver, Hugh […]


Triple Decker Club Sandwich

These are inspired the by The delightful Rose in Oxford, in fact just looking for a link to the website is making me drool. Many mornings, lunches and afternoons have been happily spent here drinking vanilla tea, eating scones and everything else. It’s all organic, made from scratch and outrageously good. The club sandwich is […]