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February 2nd, 2014


I’ve been thinking of writing a regular post where I talk about what we’ve been eating that week. I do actually cook quite a lot of new recipes and I thought it could be fun to write about my favourites here:

Roast Chicken

I made this last weekend and I’d forgotten just how goood it is. I may or may not have eaten most of the skin as soon as it came out of the oven. (I’m normally not very squeamish, but eating skin is a bit weird isn’t it?) I made perrrrfect crispy roast potatoes too and homemade gravy. So simple and so good. I didn’t use a recipe, but it was probably closest to this one. The secret to perfect roasties? Par-boil them until soft around the edges, then shake them about in the colander so the edges are fluffy. Then cook them (preferably in the same tray as the chicken) for as long as they need. Time in the oven will get you a good roastie.

Moroccan harira & chicken soup

This caught my eye in my BBC Good Food Newsletter (which I kind of love receiving) and is very very good. I would definitely recommend. Our resident toddler loved it too. Recipe here.

Moroccan spaghetti

This is an old favourite from Simon Rimmer’s Accidental Vegetarian (a great vegetarian cookbook) and while it sounds a bit weird to marry Moroccan flavours with spaghetti, it’s actually rather wonderful. Recipe here

Thai veggie stir-fry

I LOVED this. It seriously took about 10 minutes to make and was really tasty. I bet it would be really good with a fried egg on top.. I’m definitely growing to love those packs of stir-fry veg too. Recipe here.

And finally, an old favourite from the blog, sausage and bean stew. I would advise making the bean part in bulk and freezing leftovers.

and a small piece of leftover brownies most nights…

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