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Chickpea and fennel salad

Roasted cherry tomatoes, paper thin slices of fennel and loads of herbs. Happily, it keeps perfectly in the fridge, the extra time gives the flavours time to meld together so it’s perfect for lunchboxes.


Courgette, chickpea and spinach soup

Yet another courgette recipe (we’re seriously overrun here) and this one I’m really proud of. I’d forgetten how easy a good bowl of soup is to make and how satisfying. Taking inspiration from this 101Cookbooks recipe, this is a simple and fresh soup of courgette and spinach, I add chickpeas for extra thickness and just […]


Roast Parsnip and Chickpea Salad

A really simple salad that does something a bit different with parsnip and carrots. Yoghurt and parsley goes perfectly with the spicy oily chickpea and roast parsnip salad.