Orange and grapefruit marmalade

A delicious marmalade that can me made all year round and makes a lovely homemade present.


Christmas present ideas

Are you thinking about homemade Christmas presents? It seems the whole world is right now… The Guardian BBC Food BBC Good Food Our friends and relatives have long been subject to homemade presents. Last year it was brownies, fudge and a jar of chutney. The year before that homemade bread, Neal’s yard cheese and onion […]


Chicken and brown rice salad

Working in food, you come to realise that nothing is new, all food websites and magazines follow the same calendar. And in September that means lunchboxes. You’d think the idea had been done to death, (has no one cottoned on to the fact that you could just make a bit extra at dinner and take […]


Join us for afternoon tea…

A quick post to let you know that The Breakfast Club is holding a deliciously decadent afternoon tea on August bank holiday Monday. Think afternoon tea at the Ritz: in less illustrious surroundings, but with better food. Or you can look here. On the menu… Victoria sponge warm scones and clotted cream macaroons petit fours dainty […]


The Breakfast Club

I’ve been awaiting the arrival of warmer weather more eagerly than most. Mostly because it means that I get to start hosting my pop-up restaurant! My flat is teeny tiny, but we do have a huge terrace kinda thing and I’ll be hosting delicious and decadent pop-up brunches throughout the summer (with a little help […]


Tomato, ricotta and oregano tarts

Roasted tomatoes, dollops of cool, creamy ricotta and a sprinkling of thyme all encased in eggy custard.


Jamaican Veggie Patties

I had a few odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge, a carrot here, the end of a cabbage there and a handful of new potatoes. I’ve been making a lot of soup recently so I decided to give this recipe from 101cookbooks a go. Sweet little vegetable patties with a little spice and […]


Toasted Sweetcorn Salsa

This salsa makes the best of late summer ingredients. Fresh sweetcorn, crispy and sweet, flavoursome tomatoes and fruity chillis from our (very small) kitchen garden finished off with some lime and coriander. Try it spooned over nachos complete with plenty of guacamole and soured cream. We used it in a mexican inspired (I make no […]


Creamy Cauliflower Pasta

I’m a big fan of fried vegetables plus creme fraiche plus pasta for tea. It’s quick, easy and delicious. So, with yet another cauliflower to use up this week, I thought I’d give a similar treatment. I had initially thought of making a cauliflower cheese (i.e. cheesy bechamel sauce) and adding pasta. But, instead sizzled […]


Carrot and Cumin Salad

I wasn’t convinced by this recipe at first, as you probably know, I like my carrots raw or at the very least roasted. Like I said, this salad where they are boiled and then dressed in a fragrant cumin seed dressing did not convince me straight away. Whilst I wasn’t blown away, its definitely tasty […]