Breakfast recipes

I’ve made breakfast for a lot of people at The Breakfast Club – here are my favourites.

Baked eggs

These are Turkish eggs, rather than the Mexican huevos rancheros, so the sauce is headily flavoured with fennel and cumin.

Baked eggs

Coconut bread and lime marmalade

This is addictive stuff and a Breakfast Club favourite. Make sure you toast it first for golden flecks of coconut and slather in butter.


Strawberries with elderflower and pistachio yoghurt

Strawberries macerated in elderflower, topped with a rich pistachio yoghurt.

Strawberries with elderflower and pistachio yoghurt

Breakfast muffins

Carrot, apple and pecan muffins topped with a buttery, seedy, crumble topping. Sweet enough to eat at any time of day, but wholesome enough for breakfast.


Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweet and crispy sweetcorn in a batter full of coriander and chilli. Try them with avocado, rocket and tomatoes or with a fried egg and beans for brunch.


Courgette, Tomato and Basil Fritatta

A colourful, summery fritatta making the most of the abundant supply of courgettes and sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes at the moment; finished off with a little cheese and a sprinkling of basil.


Root Vegetable Rostis

Great for using up root vegetables and a healthy(ish) treat for brunch.


Baked Eggs

Garlic, thyme and a splash of cream – these baked eggs are made for dunking.


Breakfast Potato Cakes

This is the perfect way to use up leftover mash, heat up some beans whilst you’re frying and maybe poach an egg to sit atop the cakes, a perfect breakfast!


Breakfast Muffins

Carrot muffins packed with plump juicy raisins, walnuts and oats.