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Nora’s hen party

Nora’s hen party including sweetcorn fritters and elderflower strawberries with pistachio yoghurt.


The wedding cake – part I

One of my favourite people is getting married to an equally lovely boy and in a moment of madness(?), my friend Kat (of Breakfast Club fame) and I offered to make the wedding cake.¬†Clearly I love food, but I’ve never made any kind of cake covered in marzipan and royal icing and I certainly don’t […]


Heart Shaped Cakes

I thought it would be worth mentioning the virtues of Silicone bakeware. They’re completely non-stick so you don’t need to faff with lining cake tins, although I do grease mine with a little sunflower oil to make sure the cakes come out really cleanly. The flexible nature also means you can bake cakes in lots […]