The wedding cake – part I

July 24th, 2010


One of my favourite people is getting married to an equally lovely boy and in a moment of madness(?), my friend Kat (of Breakfast Club fame) and I offered to make the wedding cake.¬†Clearly I love food, but I’ve never made any kind of cake covered in marzipan and royal icing and I certainly don’t do intricate icing patterns. Thankfully Kat does and I figure I’ve got several months to practice…

This is going to be a traditional wedding cake (no cupcakes) with a fruit cake layer so that they can save a slice for the christening (apparently this is the tradition). That leaves us with two tiers to play around with and we’ve been toying with lemon, chocolate or plain old vanilla.

This weekend I tried my first recipe – a vanilla cake. ¬†Not just any old sponge, this cake is buttery, vanilla scented and then drenched in vanilla syrup – the idea being that it will keep well for a few days. Even if you’re not making a wedding cake, make this cake in place of your usual victoria sponge and fill it with whipped cream and berries.

filled with blackberry jam and buttercream

the marzipan layer

the royal icing layer – not bad for a first go!

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