Tomato and chilli jam

August 6th, 2010

Cherry tomato and chilli jam

I frist tried this recipe as something a bit special for The Breakfast Club – turns out not only is the recipe really easy, but it’s an indispensable addition to the fridge. Sweet, tangy and a little bit spicy – use it anywhere you’d use ketchup (I’m thinking burgers or fried eggs). It’s also delicious with haloumi or on a cheese sandwich.

Now that tomato season is upon us,  you could make a load of this for the winter (and Christmas presents) with cheap, flavoursome tomatoes.

February 2011: I just wanted to post a little update on this recipe. Since summer came and went, I’ve successfully made this recipe with tinned tomatoes instead; making it ludicrously easy and cheap. Just substitute two cans of chopped tomatoes for the fresh ones. For a smoother jam, blend the onion, garlic, chilli and chopped tomatoes in a food processor before tipping into a large saucepan with the rest of the ingredients.

Cherry tomato and chilli jam

The recipe can be found here but I’ve included my version below as I tweaked it a little

2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp ground ginger
750g ripe cherry tomatoes, halved
2 onions, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 red chillies, finely chopped
250ml white wine vinegar (I like to use cider vinegar too)
300g soft light brown sugar
2 tsp soy sauce

  • Add all of the ingredients, except the soy sauce, to a large pan. Bring to the boil and turn the heat down until the mixture is merrily simmering.
  • Leave to simmer for 1-1½hours, or until it reaches a jam like consistency (you should be able to draw a line across the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon and it stay there). Add the soy sauce and cook for a few more minutes.
  • Decant the mixture into clean, sterilised jars.
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4 Responses to “Tomato and chilli jam”

  1. ChezKat says:

    Just popped this on top of my baked eggs before baking, was v. tasty – thanks Rachel.

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  3. Martin says:

    mmm, looks fab, will make at the weekend, cheers!

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