The Breakfast Club

Find out more about us: previous brunches and a few of our favourite recipes.

Happy Birthday

A special party to celebrate one year of The Breakfast Club.


Almond granola

A really good granola recipe – full of almonds, coconut, honey, cinnamon and vanilla.


Nora’s hen party

Nora’s hen party including sweetcorn fritters and elderflower strawberries with pistachio yoghurt.


White Russian cupcakes

Cupcakes doused in Kahlua and topped with a boozy icing.


Praline Danish pastries

Think buttery, flaky pastry filled with crunchy almond praline. The caramel melts and oozes out of the pastry when they bake creating perfect little crunchy corners.


Afternoon tea at The Breakfast Club

I broke out my best china for a decadent afternoon tea. Dishes included delicious pumpkin pancakes, freshly baked scones and grapefruit macaroons


The Breakfast Club – 9th January

The first brunch of the year: praline Danish pastries, potato pancakes and homemade granola to take home.


Really good pork belly

I love pork belly, it’s super cheap and totally delicious if you do it right – crisp (not tooth shattering) crackling and meltingly tender meat underneath.


Tomato and chilli jam

Sweet, tangy and a little bit spicy – use it anywhere you’d use ketchup (I’m thinking burgers or fried eggs).

Cherry tomato and chilli jam

The Breakfast Club – July 10th

This time I’ll let Nicky, guest chef and creator of divine Portuguese custard tarts, tell you about the latest Breakfast Club.