Nora’s hen party

April 19th, 2011

Nora came to The Breakfast Club a few months ago and wrote a lovely review (thanks!). Then a few weeks later she emailed me to ask if I would hold a private Breakfast Club for her hen party, err yes! Not only do I get to go full on pretty with the decorations, but I don’t have to worry about filling seats, she came with 13 other hungry mouths!

Luckily for Nora, her hen party fell on the hottest day of the year so far and we got to hold it outside on the roof terrace.


We planned a decadent menu of some of my favourites from the Breakfast Club. It made me laugh when one of the guests asked me if I made the cake myself. (For the record, I make everything myself, even the bread!)

Elderflower strawberries and pistachio yoghurt
Sweetcorn fritters and spiced butter, with bacon, avocado salsa, roast tomatoes and soured cream
Carrot and pecan cake


and a take home treat of strawberry and mascarpone macaroons and cardamom and white chocolate macaroons.


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One Response to “Nora’s hen party”

  1. Nora says:

    Ha ha, I didn’t know someone asked if you made the cake yourself! I suppose it was a beauty. 😀
    Thanks for the gazillionth time – it was fab. Only problem was that my macarons got swiped when I got home (totally my own fault – handed him a box-full of goodies with instructions to help himself, forgetting that they were there). But the other half was very impressed with them – and I’ve had excellent reports from everyone else. Will just have to come back for more!

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