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Seeded loaf

This loaf is packed with lots of seeds and wholegrain flours, yet is surprisingly light. It’s perfect for sandwiches and addictive as toast


Afternoon tea at The Breakfast Club

I broke out my best china for a decadent afternoon tea. Dishes included delicious pumpkin pancakes, freshly baked scones and grapefruit macaroons


Simple white bread rolls

Did you attend a Big Lunch this weekend? Thanks to the communal outside space where we live, it was pretty straight forward to organise our ‘street party’. Our neighbours simply pitched up with food and drink, and what food and drink it was too. Homemade burgers, potato salad, punch, beautiful mini meringues with whipped cream […]



As you’ve probably noticed we love making bread and (usually) bake a loaf every week. Getting a proper sourdough starter going has long been on my foodie list of things to do. It seems almost magical to be able to make a loaf of bread from just flour and water. To make make proper sourdough, […]


Potato Bread

I’ve written about potato bread before (here), but that was almost a year ago and I was inspired to mention it again after baking some this weekend. Since last year, we have (on and off) had a pretty much continuous supply of potato bread, sometimes we use a little rye or spelt flour to give […]


Potato Bread

We’ve been making our own bread recently, not even with a breadmaker (which I happen to have tucked away in some dark corner), just old fashioned mixing in a bowl, a bit of kneading, some proving here a spot of baking there and you’re left with a delicious loaf of bread. And believe me, it […]


Bread and Dips

The parents came over for dinner this weekend to see my new flat, so in between frantic cleaning, I had to plan what to make, the perfect excuse to spend some time cooking new things! I recently went for dinner at the Portobello Organic Kitchen, which was fabulous, thankfully, we knew the chef so got […]


Super Easy Soda Bread Recipe

I made this bread to go with an amazing fish stew that my friend Kat and I made. We made it out of desperation really, as it was late on a Sunday and there was nowhere decent to buy bread. Anyway, the point of the story is that this took less than a hour from […]