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White Chocolate Brownies

You must seriously make these, they’re a revelation – super sweet and gooey. The first time I tried them, I loved them so much I pretty much baked them continuously until they made me feel a bit sick. Now don’t do that, but do bake them.


Courgette and Pistachio Bulghar Wheat Salad

A zingy bulghar wheat salad packed full of fried courgette, parsley and coriander, pistachios and orange.


Simple Egg Fried Rice

A simple recipe, perfect for using up leftovers and shoehorning in extra vegetables.This recipe works best with cold rice, so next time you cook rice, cook a bit more for the next day! (Although we use freshly cooked rice as often as not). Top with whatever interesting bits and bobs you have, toasted cashew nuts, […]


Easy Lentil Curry with pilaf

This is a really easy, one pot curry, you can make it days in advance and it actually gets better with age.


Breakfast Muffins

Carrot muffins packed with plump juicy raisins, walnuts and oats.


Couscous Salad

A simple recipe for couscous salad – mix it up with whatever you have handy.


Kale and Mushroom Stir fry

I was pretty excited when I saw the dark green leaves bursting out of the top of my vegetable box this week, but then quickly I was lost. I felt like kale would be delicious but what to do with it? I’ve already made this, delicious by the way, but I wanted something else… Internet […]


Moroccan Mackerel and Citrus Couscous

A healthy couscous salad flavoured with orange and ground coriander.



All the tastiest things (olives, anchovies, capers, garlic, parsley) blended into a paste and eaten with pasta. What could be tastier? This will keep for a few weeks in the fridge, if you cover it with a layer of oil. Ingredients 200g spaghetti grated rind and of 1 lemon and juice of ½ small bunch […]


The Best Chocolate Brownies

It was only a matter of time before these came up… These are based on Nigella’s recipe, (how can you go wrong with Nigella?) and give you everything you could want in a brownie, rich, intense, chocolatey, gooey perfection. All I’ve done is scale down Nigella’s recipe so that you get a more manageable mixture […]