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Afternoon tea at The Breakfast Club

I broke out my best china for a decadent afternoon tea. Dishes included delicious pumpkin pancakes, freshly baked scones and grapefruit macaroons


Pistachio macaroons

Lovely pale green macaroon shells sandwiched together with a pistachio buttercream.


Strawberries with elderflower and pistachio yoghurt

Strawberries macerated in elderflower, topped with a rich pistachio yoghurt.

Strawberries with elderflower and pistachio yoghurt

Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge

I normally give people food related presents at Christmas, partly because they love it, and partly (mostly) because its cheap! In the same vein, this year I decided to branch out from my usual brownies and try something different. Something different being this insanely easy fudge recipe from Nigella Express,, of course, its not really […]


Carrot, Orange and Pistachio Cake

Carrot cake freshened with orange zest and a little texture from pistachio nibs comes together to make an altogether grown up carrot cake.