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Chicken and brown rice salad

Working in food, you come to realise that nothing is new, all food websites and magazines follow the same calendar. And in September that means lunchboxes. You’d think the idea had been done to death, (has no one cottoned on to the fact that you could just make a bit extra at dinner and take […]


Moroccan Mackerel and Citrus Couscous

A healthy couscous salad flavoured with orange and ground coriander.


Pasta with brocolli, anchovy and chilli

This was inspired by a fabulous italian restuarant in Bloomsbury called Ciao Bella. They do really tasty reasonably priced Italian food. Anyway, I had this dish and it was amazing! Loads of garlic, anchovy and oil, everything you need for a good meal! So, a week or so later, when deciding what to have for […]