Salad recipes

Winter slaw

This is a fantastic winter salad recipe, especially good for using up veg box ingredients. I love it with pittas and hummus for a quick and healthy lunch/dinner (always a good thing), but I’ve also eaten it with ribs and jacket potatoes and loaded onto cheese on toast. The idea is to finely slice/grate lots […]


Sweet potato and black pudding salad

I love the colours of this salad – so pretty! Roasted slices of sweet potato and black pudding go together perfectly in this easy salad. Add beans or a poached egg to make it more substantial.


Carrot and mung bean salad

This salad has so many things going for it. It’s healthy, cheap and surprisingly quick to make.


Bulghar wheat, feta and pea lunchbox salad

This salad is packed full of good things and perfect for packed lunches: bulghar wheat with peas, cherry tomatoes, seeds, rocket and feta in a lemony dressing.


Chickpea and fennel salad

Roasted cherry tomatoes, paper thin slices of fennel and loads of herbs. Happily, it keeps perfectly in the fridge, the extra time gives the flavours time to meld together so it’s perfect for lunchboxes.


Barley salad

A big bowl of salad, with goats’ cheese, almonds and chewy barley, all doused in an orange and parmesan dressing.


Chicken and 3-rice salad

This Ottolenghi recipe is downright delicious. The combination of 3 rices, plenty of herbs, spring onions and fried onion makes for a dish bursting with flavour and texture.

Ottolenghi Chicken and 3 rice salad

Kale, hazelnut and red rice salad

Stir-fried kale with plenty of garlic, chopped hazelnuts, quinoa, red rice and an orange zest dressing.


Barley and chickpea salad

Soft and chewy barley, bulghar wheat and plump chickpeas with spinach, some sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and a little crumbled feta make this into something really tasty.


Carrot and green mango salad

Shredded carrot, mango and smoked mackerel with a spicy and sweet dressing of lime juice, palm sugar and fish sauce – all topped off with crunchy peanuts.