Breakfast recipes

I’ve made breakfast for a lot of people at The Breakfast Club – here are my favourites.

Green smoothie

My favourite recipe for a thick and creamy green smoothie – don’t worry, you can’t taste the spinach!


Banana oat pancakes

Light fluffy pancakes packed with banana and oats. Perfect for a weekend brunch.


Perfect Danish pastries

Finally, I found the perfect cinnamon bun/breakfast pastry recipe.


Cream cheese and chive breakfast scones

Savoury scones, flavoured with cream cheese and chives, split and filled with bacon and a poached egg. You could also make mini versions and fill them with cream cheese and rocket for an afternoon tea or maybe avocado and roast tomatoes.


Courgette breakfast strata

A really easy breakfast bake, perfect for using up lots of courgette.

courgette strata

Almond granola

A really good granola recipe – full of almonds, coconut, honey, cinnamon and vanilla.


Sweetcorn fritters

For these pancakes, I blend the sweetcorn in a food processor for a smoother texture (not completely puréed though) and added lots of flavour: coriander, garlic, chilli.


Praline Danish pastries

Think buttery, flaky pastry filled with crunchy almond praline. The caramel melts and oozes out of the pastry when they bake creating perfect little crunchy corners.


More baked eggs…

This is a a North African take on baked eggs, heady with saffron.


Creamy mushrooms on toast

Creamy mushrooms on toast are the perfect brunch dish, the only stipulation I have is that the bread be very good, preferably of the chewy, sourdough variety so that it can soak up the sauce.