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Root Vegetable Rostis

Great for using up root vegetables and a healthy(ish) treat for brunch.


Parsnip and Leek Risotto

Running with the idea of cooking parsnips in long thin strips with or without bacon like this recipe, I came up with this risotto, utilising some leeks lurking in the fridge. I’m not normally a fan of risotto, but this was perfect, rich and comforting. I tried to use as much parsnip and leek as […]


Bacon and Parsnip Pasta

I’ve been thinking of using parsnip with pasta for a while, but just hadn’t come up with the right way of doing it, then I came across this Jamie Oliver recipe and I earmarked it for the weekend. I personally think he’s got the proportions a bit wrong, too much bacon and not enough parsnip, […]


Lamb meatballs and couscous

Nigella comes up trumps again, although I have to say this is from her book rather than the TV show. It seems everyone is quick to criticise anything she does on TV, and while she does verge on the ridiculous much of the time, I think her genuine greed and love of food is really […]


Roast Parsnip and Chickpea Salad

A really simple salad that does something a bit different with parsnip and carrots. Yoghurt and parsley goes perfectly with the spicy oily chickpea and roast parsnip salad.


Parsnip and Potato Hash

I’m really getting into winter cooking and my current love affair is with parsnips, so sweet and tasty, roasted up with some paprika and chilli to balance the sweetness, there’s not much better. I made this hash for breakfast the other day, the parsnips were my effort to sneak in a few more vegetables but […]


Sweet Root Vegetable Stew

This recipe is adapted from Nigella’s Feast, my favourite book after How to be a Domestic Goddess and is a perfect way to cook all the wonderfully sweet winter root vegetables that are about now, the spicy stew goes perfectly with the starchy sweetness of the veggies. I added chickpeas because I love them and […]


Sweet Vegetable Tagine

This is a step up from the ubiquitous vegetable tagines, there is a real depth of flavour here. You can’t really go wrong topping this pine nuts and coriander, they really counteract the sweetness of the tagine, plus I love pine nuts…Anything you can eat with bulghar wheat yoghurt is always a winner for me […]