Spanish Omelette

April 18th, 2008


I had a friend at school who’s mum was Spanish and made THE best spanish omelette ever. Since then I’ve tried many times, unsuccessfully, to make anything as good. For some reason the potatoes were never soft enough, or it tasted too bland.

Anyway, in one of those ‘what to eat’ moments last night, we came up with spanish omelette and it actually turned out pretty good. Although, it has to be said, this wasn’t entirely down to me…

The key I think is to slice the potato really thinly, and cook them really slowly in a genrous amount of oil until soft. Season the potatoes and the beaten eggs liberally. And, naturally have it with beans or ketchup.

1 onion, finely chopped
1 large baking potato, quartered lengthways and sliced thinly
4 eggs
a splash of milk

Fry the potatoes and onions slowly in a liberal glug of oil in a non stick pan for at least 20mins until soft. Season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs with the milk, season well. Pour the eggs over the potatoes, turn the heat down and cook for 10-15mins until it looks nearly set on top. Place a plate on top of the pan, turn over and slide the omelette (carefully!) back into the pan, cook for 5 mins more. Or, you can always do it the easy way and finish it under the grill once its nearly set.

Some variations include adding sliced mushrooms to the potato and onion; using leeks instead of onion and adding peas and crumbled feta with the egg; adding thinly sliced roasted pepper or chopped herbs such as parsley or chives with the eggs. Although maybe now I’m straying into fritatta territory…

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