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Banana, coconut and pecan friands

Dense, nutty cakes – crisp on the outside and soft in the middle.


Afternoon tea at The Breakfast Club

I broke out my best china for a decadent afternoon tea. Dishes included delicious pumpkin pancakes, freshly baked scones and grapefruit macaroons


Coconut bread and lime marmalade

This is addictive stuff and a Breakfast Club favourite. Make sure you toast it first for golden flecks of coconut and slather in butter.


Breakfast muffins

Carrot, apple and pecan muffins topped with a buttery, seedy, crumble topping. Sweet enough to eat at any time of day, but wholesome enough for breakfast.


Jamaican Veggie Patties

I had a few odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge, a carrot here, the end of a cabbage there and a handful of new potatoes. I’ve been making a lot of soup recently so I decided to give this recipe from 101cookbooks a go. Sweet little vegetable patties with a little spice and […]


Carrot and Coconut Cake

A tropical carrot cake packed with dessicated coconuts, raisins and carrots. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up and I’d imagine all the better with some cream cheese frosting.