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Parsnip and Potato Hash

I’m really getting into winter cooking and my current love affair is with parsnips, so sweet and tasty, roasted up with some paprika and chilli to balance the sweetness, there’s not much better. I made this hash for breakfast the other day, the parsnips were my effort to sneak in a few more vegetables but […]


Pea and Leek Tart

Leeks sweated down slowly and sweetly with peas thrown in, all encased in a cheesy, eggy custard and baked in flaky pastry.


Breakfast Potato Cakes

This is the perfect way to use up leftover mash, heat up some beans whilst you’re frying and maybe poach an egg to sit atop the cakes, a perfect breakfast!


Sausage carbonara

I have a lot of Jamie Oliver books, they make good reading, but haven’t actually cooked that many of his recipes, he’s all about using amazing (expensive) ingredients simply, when I’m often not. That said, you can’t really fault him, he does make beautiful food and on his Ministry of Food website, he’s some delicious […]


Mexican Breakfast

As with most things I make, this isn’t exactly authentic, but who cares when it tastes this good. And it did, believe me. This is a kind melding together of all things vaguely Mexican that I know of, initially inspired by this recipe from BBC Good Food, I made the spicy bean mixture, topped with […]


Swiss chard and Onion Tart

I know I’ve not been posting regularly recently. Its mostly because I’ve been eating fairly mediocre food that certainly isn’t getting me excited, so I figured not many people would be either. Its amazing how quickly it is to fall into the habit of not cooking and eating rubbish food, and I’m obsessed with food! […]


Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree

Using smoked mackerel is a slightly more sustainable take on the classic smoked haddock variety.


Egg mayo sandwich

This is a slightly posher version of your standard egg mayonnaise sandwich. Use good quality bread, add some herbs and capers and you’re onto a winner. Its also about boiling the eggs so they’re just set and the yolk is still creamy. Ingredients makes 2 sandwiches 3 eggs 1tsp capers, chopped 1tsp chopped chives 4 […]


Perfect Scrambled Eggs

I love eggs and I love scrambled eggs at the weekend. A trip home this weekend meant I got my mum’s scrambled eggs, surpassed by non. Now I’m obviously not going to give a recipe for scrambled eggs, just a few tips… Start with the basics, free range, preferably organic eggs are a must and […]


Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros is the perfect brunch, something a bit more special than your average fry up. Its basically eggs fried/poached in a spicy tomato salsa. I’ve seen recipes where you fry the eggs separately and add the salsa on top, but I prefer cooking the eggs in the sauce. If you were being authentic, you […]