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Weekly eats

A recap of the best recipes I tried this week. Roast chicken, Moroccan harira & chicken soup, Moroccan spaghetti and a super-quick Thai veggie stir-fry.


Cucumber and sesame noodle salad

This noodle salad has a fiery sweet and spicy dressing, but the cucumber and coriander make it strangely refreshing. I conjured this up on a cold Saturday afternoon from vegetables on hand, to eat while reading the paper. So it goes without saying that you can substitute whatever you have – matchstick thin strips of […]


Spicy Noodle Soup

One of us had man flu tonight. So, I decided a spicy, warming noodle soup would be both restorative and cleansing. This is a recipe I turn to often, as its so quick and easy to put together. The broth is simply vegetable stock infused with garlic, ginger, chilli and a splash of soy. To […]


Peanut Noodle Salad

My weekends are for cooking and while I tend to rely heavily on leftovers for lunch, I like to make some kind of salad to stash in the fridge during the week for snacking or for lunch when we’ve been over zealous and eaten every last scrap of dinner. Something robust that will survive a […]


Dan Dan Noodles

During my visit home, while rooting through my mum’s cookbook collection; I found Chinese Food Made Easy by Ching-He Huang. I knew my mum wouldn’t use this book, she rarely uses a recipe for anything and so, I managed to commandeer it for myself. I’m not a fan of the cookery shows myself, a bit […]


Vegetable Laksa

In my university days of cooking for 5 people in a ‘kitchen’ that consisted of a Baby Belling, a sink and fridge to do all my prep on; this was always a special treat. We got it from our culinary bible of the time – Cranks, a revelation of vegetarian cooking and not a bean […]


Throw it in Spicy Soup

This is one for using up any vegetables languishing in the bottom of the fridge. Save them from the compost and make soup! Now that the weather is turning, its the perfect time for a warm bowl of comforting soup. Soup is possibly the easiest thing to make with the least output for maximum pleasure. […]


Noodle Soup

This is one of those spicy, warming, comforting soups you can get in noodle bars that inevitably get slurped all over your front. It is actually an incredibly fast and easy recipe and you end up with a wonderfully tasty soup. I make this a variation on salad, you can pack it full of vegetables […]