Banana Bread

April 6th, 2008

Banana bread is possibly one of my favourite cakes, definitely as a sweet treat to perk me up in the afternoon (tea a necessary accompaniment). The key with banana bread is that the bananas need to be really really ripe, almost completely black and ready for the bin, these will make the moistest bread. If you’ve only one banana that is ripe enough, I’ve frozen them in the past and it actually works ok, they look disgusting when they defrost, but make good cake.


The cake above is from a recipe featured in the Guardian guide to baking, and the recipe is by Dan Lepard, a bit of a baking legend, he actually has a weekly column every week in the guardian. I find his recipes slightly more complicated and involved than the usual cake recipe, but the cakes themselves are lovely and worth the effort.

This recipe involves cooking the bananas in caramel before mixing into the cake mixture, so you end up with toffee coloured caramel banana bread, delicious.

That said, you can’t really beat a classic banana bread. I always use the Nigella version, why would you use anything else? You can always trust a Nigella recipe, this it taken from How to be a Domestic Goddess , although not my favourite Nigella book, anyone who wants to bake should not be without it.

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