Weekly eats – hotdogs!

February 16th, 2014

Image from BBC Good Food

Did you enjoy Valentine’s Day? I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we did the M&S dine in for £20, along with half the country… I loved this idea from A lot on her plate to make pie for Valentine’s Day. Best present ever, right?

The highlight of our week was some awesome hotdogs. I never think to make them, but done properly, they’re soo good. Nothing too complicated – fried onions and good quality sausages in brioche buns with mustard. Sweet potato fries alongside are pretty good.

A couple more…

Shepherds pie

I did a pretty classic recipe but topped it with pumpkin mash. Delicious. Whenever I make anything like that, I try to make at least double while I’m at it to put some in the freezer. Jamie’s recipe is a good un.

Mackerel, kale, lemon and caper spaghetti

I spotted this in my Delicious mag a couple of months ago and it’s good. Quick, easy, healthy – ticks all my boxes for a weeknight. Recipe here.

For more recipe ideas, try my Pinterest board

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