Sausage carbonara

October 17th, 2008

I have a lot of Jamie Oliver books, they make good reading, but haven’t actually cooked that many of his recipes, he’s all about using amazing (expensive) ingredients simply, when I’m often not. That said, you can’t really fault him, he does make beautiful food and on his Ministry of Food website, he’s some delicious looking basic recipes too. I’m also mildly obsessed with his website, In this case, I found this rather decadent pasta dish that looked pretty simple, being a glutton in general, I always defualt to creamy pasta dishes as opposed to tomate-ey ones…

Jamie’s Italian credentials are pretty good too, having worked at the River Cafe, with Gennaro Contaldo and travelling around Italy to write his book – Jamie’s Italy, I’m always keen to try his pasta recipes.

This is a classic carbonara in that it uses eggs as the base, they are tossed with the hot cooked pasta, golden crispy sausage and bacon, and cooked gently to form a smooth and silky sauce. The emphasis being on gentle otherwise you’ll end up with scrambled egg. Some lemon zest and parsley add freshness and cut through the richness of the sauce. Delicious and simple.


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