Snack Recipes

Hummus with crispy lamb and pine nuts

This recipe from The Moro Cookbook jumped out at me straight away, hummus with crispy lamb and pine nuts. Its simple enough, make some hummus and spread onto a plate. Then fry some lamb mince with a touch of cinnamon until golden and crispy, throw in some pine nuts and tumble it onto the hummus. […]


Broad Bean Dip

I got the Moro cookbook as a late birthday present and as is always the way, I have leafed through it several times but not actually cooked from it yet. I decided to persevere, as its always good to try new recipes, but also as everyone seems to love the book (I spotted it in […]


Swede Chips

We’re really into winter now, every week we continue to get more and more root vegetables. Whilst I’ve had great success roasting parsnips and carrots, I’m still not sure what to do when faced with a swede, of course you can always throw it into soup or stew and grated, it makes a great addition […]


Simple flatbreads

In the some of the larger Asian or continental shops, you can get some lovely big, soft flatbreads, I love them, so much better than pitta breads and used in much the same way. I like them with spicy chickpea cakes, or as really easy pizzas. So, today, off I went to get some to […]


Amazing Mackerel on Toast

Valentine Warner is a bit of a new celebrity crush of mine – reading all the hype a few months ago, I was unconvinced/jealous. But as soon as you watch a programme, his infectious enthusiasm rubs off on you and I always warm to someone as downright greedy as he is. So, when he made […]


Bread and Dips

The parents came over for dinner this weekend to see my new flat, so in between frantic cleaning, I had to plan what to make, the perfect excuse to spend some time cooking new things! I recently went for dinner at the Portobello Organic Kitchen, which was fabulous, thankfully, we knew the chef so got […]


Courgette Caponata

A courgette version of the classic sweet and sour vegetable stew.



Mmm.. the perfect snack and a great way to use up any veg lurking in the bottom of the fridge. Feel free to experiment with this recipe, its all about using up what you have. I didn’t have tortillas so used pitta instead and it worked perfectly well. Ingredients Serves 4 Black Bean Paste 1 […]


Egg mayo sandwich

This is a slightly posher version of your standard egg mayonnaise sandwich. Use good quality bread, add some herbs and capers and you’re onto a winner. Its also about boiling the eggs so they’re just set and the yolk is still creamy. Ingredients makes 2 sandwiches 3 eggs 1tsp capers, chopped 1tsp chopped chives 4 […]


Chickpea burgers

These little cakes are a delicious alternative to falafel, serve with pitta, yoghurt, salad and the tomato salsa below. These are also really easy to make, literally mashing chickpeas and frying them. Some obligatory fried onions obviously work a treat here too. This makes enough for 4 people, but I bet these also freeze really […]