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Pea, bacon and basil tart

Jammed with fresh peas, basil and a little bacon – it makes a lovely summer lunch; especially with a tomato salad.


Bulghar wheat, feta and pea lunchbox salad

This salad is packed full of good things and perfect for packed lunches: bulghar wheat with peas, cherry tomatoes, seeds, rocket and feta in a lemony dressing.


Summery Salad

I picked up some lovely organic pork meatballs from Waitrose (who can resist a ‘reduced’ bargain these days?), at the time I was thinking of a rich stew spiced with cumin, coriander and cinnamon to eat with a mound of cous cous and a dollop of yoghurt (serious comfort food) . Alas, the weather was […]


Vegetable Curry

I spent the weekend visiting the family in Manchester. While I was obviously required to make brownies, we did most of our eating in some delicious restaurants. I came home yesterday to a rather sad looking romanseco cauliflower and was itching to get back into the kitchen. My knee-jerk reaction is generally to douse it […]


Brown Rice Salad

The base is brown rice, some lentils for texture, plenty of red onion and garlic and toasted seeds for crunch.


Pea and Leek Tart

Leeks sweated down slowly and sweetly with peas thrown in, all encased in a cheesy, eggy custard and baked in flaky pastry.


Pasta with Peas, Basil and Pumpkin Seeds

I hate to say it, but another recipe from Nigel Slater. Once again the combination sounds a bit weird, but I love peas and I love basil, so I thought I’d give it a go. The toasted pumpkin seeds are delicious and go perfectly with the garlicky, oily peas. I never know what pasta to […]


Leeky Chessy Pasta

Yes, this is the title, I can think of none better. This is based very loosely on a recipe from Cranks Bible, my favourite vegetarian cook book ever. Although, really, it is borne out of my desire to eat cheese and pasta most days… Start by finely slicing some leeks and cooking really gently in […]