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Sweet potato and black pudding salad

I love the colours of this salad – so pretty! Roasted slices of sweet potato and black pudding go together perfectly in this easy salad. Add beans or a poached egg to make it more substantial.


Pumpkin pancakes with chorizo and crème fraiche

Perfect, mouthful-sized, party food. Especially since you can cook them in advance and warm them up before serving.


Afternoon tea at The Breakfast Club

I broke out my best china for a decadent afternoon tea. Dishes included delicious pumpkin pancakes, freshly baked scones and grapefruit macaroons


Spiced pumpkin ice cream

I picked this out as a possible recipe for The Breakfast Club a while ago. As I would advise anyone cooking for an important dinner – make sure you’ve cooked the recipes before! I tried mine out on some friends after a leisurely Saturday afternoon lunch, which by the way, is such a good idea. […]


Pumpkin and goats’ cheese tart

A super easy pumpkin puff pastry tart with goats cheese, pine nuts and garlic.


Easy Butternut Squash soup

Another soup recipe, but this one is amazing! We literally roasted lots of veg in various spices and blended them up with some vegetable stock (made with a stock cube). Hey presto! Spicy butternut squash soup! Ingredients 2 onions, red are better but white is fine1 butternut squash, about 1kg in size3 cloves garlic, smashedolive […]