Easy Butternut Squash soup

July 10th, 2008

Another soup recipe, but this one is amazing! We literally roasted lots of veg in various spices and blended them up with some vegetable stock (made with a stock cube). Hey presto! Spicy butternut squash soup!


2 onions, red are better but white is fine
1 butternut squash, about 1kg in size
3 cloves garlic, smashed
olive oil
1tsp cumin
1tsp ground coriander
1 red chilli finely chopped or 1tsp chilli flakes
600ml vegetable stock

Peel the onion and cut into eighths, peel the squash and cut into small chunks. Spread these onto a baking tray and drizzle liberally with oil, now add the spices, chilli and garlic and stir to coat evenly. Roast in a hot oven (200°C) for 30-45mins, turning occasionally until the squash is soft and turning golden. Remove the garlic and scrape everything else into a blender, add the stock and blend for at least 2mins or until the soup is completely smooth, you may need to add some water to loosen it and season to taste. Serve with yoghurt and lots of bread and butter.

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