Pastry recipes

Pea, bacon and basil tart

Jammed with fresh peas, basil and a little bacon – it makes a lovely summer lunch; especially with a tomato salad.


Another beetroot and goats cheese tart

Full to the brim with sweet beetroot and tangy goats’ cheese. All you need is a salad to go alongside


Tomato, ricotta and oregano tarts

Roasted tomatoes, dollops of cool, creamy ricotta and a sprinkling of thyme all encased in eggy custard.


Pumpkin and goats’ cheese tart

A super easy pumpkin puff pastry tart with goats cheese, pine nuts and garlic.


Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Tart

Buttery pastry, sweet roasted beetroot and sharp goats cheese – a trio made in heaven.


Spinach and Anchovy Tart

The anchovies are not overpowering at all, but lend a salty savouriness, that perks this up and stops it being bland.


Pea and Leek Tart

Leeks sweated down slowly and sweetly with peas thrown in, all encased in a cheesy, eggy custard and baked in flaky pastry.