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My new favourite brownies

This brownie recipe from Dan Lepard is my new favourite. I’ve made it many many times and each time people claim they are the best. brownies. ever.


Chocolate cupcakes with caramelised white chocolate icing

Moist, chocolatey cupcakes with a butterscotch-like icing made from caramelised white chocolate – my new favourite ingredient.


Chocolate macaroons

My chocolate macaroon recipe with lots of tips and tricks for perfect macaroons.

How to make perfect macaroons

White chocolate and hazelnut cake

A delicious hazelnut sponge cake, covered in white chocolate buttercream.

White chocolate and hazelnut rose cake

White Chocolate Brownies

You must seriously make these, they’re a revelation – super sweet and gooey. The first time I tried them, I loved them so much I pretty much baked them continuously until they made me feel a bit sick. Now don’t do that, but do bake them.


Easy peasy chocolate cake

This is the easiest recipe for chocolate cake and it leaves you with a fudgy, dense moist cake. Smothered in a simple chocolate ganache, this makes the perfect birthday cake, or just a Monday afternoon cake.


Chocolate and hazelnut cookies

These chocolate cookies from Nigel Slater are ludicrously easy to make and after demolishing one too many I realise, ludicrously moreish. The reason for this struck me this morning, its because they taste like brownies in cookies form. Was there ever a better combination? So why not just make brownies? Well, apart from the obvious, […]


Banana, Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

I’ve taken to freezing bananas whenever there’s a stray overripe one lying around. It renders them almost completely useless, as they turn into a sludgy mess when defrosted. However, looks aside, they do make perfect banana bread and that way I can freeze a banana every so often until I have enough in the freezer […]


Chocolate Brioche pudding

There’s this Nigella recipe for Orange Scented Brioche Pudding and it is AMAZING. Brioche, spread with marmalade, squished into a dish, topped with custard and baked until golden. This is the bread and butter pudding. So, when I spotted these little chocolate brioche rolls in the supermarket, I thought I’d make a chocolate version. Yes, […]


Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge

I normally give people food related presents at Christmas, partly because they love it, and partly (mostly) because its cheap! In the same vein, this year I decided to branch out from my usual brownies and try something different. Something different being this insanely easy fudge recipe from Nigella Express,, of course, its not really […]