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Winter slaw

This is a fantastic winter salad recipe, especially good for using up veg box ingredients. I love it with pittas and hummus for a quick and healthy lunch/dinner (always a good thing), but I’ve also eaten it with ribs and jacket potatoes and loaded onto cheese on toast. The idea is to finely slice/grate lots […]


Carrot and mung bean salad

This salad has so many things going for it. It’s healthy, cheap and surprisingly quick to make.


Carrot Cake

This is the easiest, tastiest carrot cake recipe ever. Based on an American recipe, it uses sunflower oil instead of butter which gives it that dense and moist carrot cake character.

carrot cake

Breakfast muffins

Carrot, apple and pecan muffins topped with a buttery, seedy, crumble topping. Sweet enough to eat at any time of day, but wholesome enough for breakfast.


Roasted Carrot and Bean Salad

A tasty way to eat carrots.


Jamaican Veggie Patties

I had a few odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge, a carrot here, the end of a cabbage there and a handful of new potatoes. I’ve been making a lot of soup recently so I decided to give this recipe from 101cookbooks a go. Sweet little vegetable patties with a little spice and […]


Carrot and Pecan Cake

This carrot cake is a mish mash of flavours, yoghurt and oil for moistness, chopped dates reduce the amount of sugar needed and add a touch of caramel, a hint of orange and plenty of chopped pecans.


Carrot and Lentil Soup

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m loving soup at the moment. With the weather on the turn, its the perfect comforting bowl and as I’m discovering, so easy. It’s just a case of chopping and then sweating down some onion with whatever vegetables you have to hand; try adding lentils or beans to make it into […]


Carrot and Radish Salad

Bright, colourful and crunchy, with added saltiness from proper deli olives and tang from mustard dressing.


Spicy Noodle Soup

One of us had man flu tonight. So, I decided a spicy, warming noodle soup would be both restorative and cleansing. This is a recipe I turn to often, as its so quick and easy to put together. The broth is simply vegetable stock infused with garlic, ginger, chilli and a splash of soy. To […]